Easy Ways to Take Care of a Minimalist Home

If there is a bad impression in caring for a minimalist home, it looks like it looks dirty and the furniture is not arranged. Plus, the house you live in is small, of course it will only get cramped. Not only that. A house that is neglected by its cleanliness will certainly make people reluctant to visit. The following are several ways to take care of a careful home, especially for a minimalist home.

Minimalist Home

Every day the house must be cleaned

Cleaning or caring for a minimalist home every day will certainly give it a clean and tidy appearance. If you live with your family, you can make a regular schedule for cleaning the house. for example, every day someone has to sweep and wipe the windows. When on holidays, you can also schedule to tidy up the whole house. such as cutting long grass, mopping floors, and also washing clothes. Don’t forget to clean the bathroom. Check the drain hole so that nothing is clogged.

Choose the right furniture

A minimalist house is indeed very limited in size for its spaces. In order to look neat and spacious, you should avoid using large furniture. Place only the furniture you need. If it’s too much, of course it’s very troublesome when it’s going to clean it. Use multi functional furniture. If you really need a place to store things, then you can use this furniture. In addition, you should avoid using furniture with round or thick ornaments. Because it will increasingly give the impression of your narrow house.

Keep things in place

Of course you’ve lost your keys in the house, even though you put them in the house. This is what triggers the problem of improper room arrangement. You can use a multi functional cabinet to organize your own things. So you don’t feel lost even though you’re still in the house.