6 Methods to Protect Home Cleanliness that You Can Try Every Day

A neat and clean house is everyone’s dream, and  Friends is no exception, right? You certainly want your home to always look clean at all times.  Friends can do some of the following methods that will make the house shiny and clean. There are ways to keep your house clean that you can try every day! What are you doing? Follow on this basis yes!

Methods of Protecting Home Cleanliness

Who doesn’t want a neat and clean house? Of course everyone wants dong. Home is a place to live, shelter, and shelter. So, home comfort is a very important thing. The method of keeping the house clean is not difficult,  Friends. There are simple ways that you can live in an orderly and orderly manner.

Place and Arrange Items After Use

Come on, who among the  Friends likes to keep things carelessly after use? Storing objects in their proper place is very meaningful, you know,  Friends. Even though it is simple, it has a big impact on the cleanliness of your home. So, from now on, you can start getting used to putting it properly and correctly!

Things that you end up using at the same time quickly put them in place. This simple routine needs to be done regularly so that the house always looks neat. It’s not difficult,  Friends, you can start with small things like putting shoes or sandals on the shelves provided. Easy isn’t it?

Quickly Arrange Beds After You Wake Up

Do you like to put off making your bed after waking up? This is a bad routine,  Friends. Try to tidy it up as soon as you wake up and never put it off. A nice bed will make you excited to tidy things up in the room. You can maintain cleanliness starting from the room where you sleep.

Fold blankets neatly and arrange pillows properly. Don’t forget too much to open the bedroom curtains so that the air and sunlight can enter your room. The air and sunlight will make your room not damp and fresh.

Sweep and Mop the House Every Day

 Friends will set aside a little time to sweep and mop the house every day. Why is it mandatory every day? Dirt and dust will certainly enter the house every day because of the regular activities that you carry out. Therefore, it is necessary to sweep and mop the house every day so that dust and dirt are not stubborn and easy to clean.

Sweeping and mopping the house doesn’t take long. You can do it every morning or even in the evening after you get back to work. Don’t be lazy, okay, because if dirt and dust accumulates, it will be more difficult to clean it. So, it’s better to clean it every day.

Throw away objects that are not used

It cannot be denied,  Friends, if of course there are some items that are not used but are still stored. Maybe this is because you love to throw it away or it could be just in case if at any time it is needed again.

On this matter, you have to be more selective and choose the items that you really need. Throw away things that are not used because if you keep them away it will take up a lot of space in your house, which you can actually use that space for other things that are more meaningful.

Washing Dishes and Glasses After Use

This seems to be one of the issues that  Friends must pay more attention to. In fact, you have never washed dishes or glasses right after you used them, right? For  Friends who still often do it, it should be replaced. And for  Friends who always wash dishes and glasses after use, keep maintaining them because that is one of the ways to keep your home clean!

Create a list to Clean the House

Well, this also means nothing to you. Creating an agenda for cleaning the house will really help you to keep the house clean. You can make an orderly agenda every day to make it easier and also a reminder so that you don’t forget to clean your house.